Dry Aging

The butchers at Higgins Butchers work very closely with our select purveyors, ensuring that the quality of meats is pristine year-round. Our in-house master butchers dry age all of our Prime Irish Beef for no less than 28 days and up to120 days, our Irish Lamb for no less than 14 days, and for our Free Range Pork for 7 days.

To begin the dry aging process, our butchers receive their weekly order and hand-select every individual piece to ensure that only the highest quality cuts are used.

The meats are then tagged with the date and weight, and placed into our aging rooms where the magic begins. In our dry aging room, the natural enzymes break down the fibres and connective tissues while evaporating most of the water weight, leaving a beautiful, bright cherry red steak that’s ready for grilling. This also brings a delicious flavour and texture to the meat, creating an impeccably crafted product.